Welcome to Twisty - Video AI for Creators!

Welcome to Twisty - Video AI for Creators!

We think that video AI is a new art form.

Over the last two years, we saw impressive gains in 2D image and text chat AI capabilities. We believe that video and music AI are next and happening now!

Our team shares a passion for bringing the newest open and expressive video AI capabilities to you directly, on the web, on your phone, stored in the cloud and able to be shared anywhere.

Open source contributors (companies and individuals) are developing the most expressive video and music AI options. We believe that the open-source community is innovating the most quickly and will offer far more expressivity and versatility than closed tools.

Our mission is to put the power of these tools into your hands and support your imagination by connecting you with like-minded AI explorers.

Twisty supports free access to:

  • The AnimateDiff video generators on top of Stable Diffusion 1.5 for up to 5 second clips and 24fps.

  • MusicGen (Add Music) to prompt for original music scoring on any clip

  • The platform has been optimized for mobile access so this new AI creative process is always available whenever inspiration strikes. There is an Android app and iOS will be out soon.

  • New creative Challenges every three days to earn gems for additional rendering time

  • Enhance video prompts using an AI-fueled text expander to get even better clips

  • Download clips to post to your socials or use in your editing tools. Share videos directly with URLs or share your entire profile.

  • If you run a Discord server you can add a Twisty bot for your members to create AI videos. Or join our Discord server directly here.

  • If you have a subscription to chatGPT+ you can have a conversation with Twisty and generate your AI videos right in the chat window. Twisty GPT

Sign up and join thousands of creators turning their imagination into stunning video clips. See what others are creating in real time. Remix anything that inspires you. Contribute back. There is so much more to come as it seems like AI video and music take leaps in quality every few weeks. Let's enjoy the emergence of this new art form together!

Always feel free to reach out to with ideas, bugs or concerns.

The Twisty Team